I offer here some kits from my collection, from which I would like to separate me, because I`ve no more use for it...

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                                             Unter mustangmodellbau habe ich hin und wieder auch etwas bei Ebay im Angebot... 

                      All models complete and in good depending on the age of the models, the boxes may swow signs of age.  

 Buyers from abroad can pay with Paypal on request ...   Les acheteurs de l'étranger peuvent payer avec Paypal sur demande ... 

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                                    1:160 Bemalte Modellfiguren - Model figures (painted) - Chiffres de modèle (peint)  (Noch) 7.50 

                                                                                                 - 20% Rabatt

                                                                                                           € 6,00



            1:35: Sd.Kfz.251/3 Ausf.B (Revell) 03065                                         1:35: Sd.Kfz. 10/5 & 2cm Flak 38 (Tamiya) 03061 




           1:35: Russian BM-13 "Stalinorgel (Revell) 03076  € 20,00                                                 1:35: LVT-(A)1 Amtank (Revell) 03055  € 20,00

                               - 20% Rabatt                                                      - 20% Rabatt

                                         € 16,00                                                                                                                  € 16,00



            1:22: Ducati Desmosedici (Italeri) 44004                                           1:22: Honda RC211V (2005) (Italeri) 44010 




    1:144: F/A-18 E Super Hornet (Revell) mit Zubehör                                          1:16: Manfred v. Richthofen  (Eduard)  € 25,00



 This is a really rare model and not or only hard to find on the european market                                     This is a really rare model and not or only very hard to find on the european market


       1:25: 1914 Stutz Bearcat (Airfix) © Airfix Products 1978  25,00                               1:20: American Bike "Harley Davidson" Deluxe 



             This is a really rare model and not or only hard to find on the european market                                           This is a really rare model and not or only hard to find on the european market


                      1:32:  1957 Ford Fairlane (Revell)  € 20,00                                                           1:72:  North American A-36 A  (M-M) 

                                                                                                                                                                    - 20% Rabatt   € 12,00

     This is a really rare model kit box and not or only hard to find on the european market                                                                      


               1:24  NASCAR "Rookie of the year combo" (Monogram)                                             1:25 Box ohne Inhalt / Box without content (Jo-Han

                    1985 Ford Thunderbirds (Two cars / zwei Wagen)                                                                                 € 12,50            

                                                 € 35,00                                                                                                          - 20% Rabatt

                                   - 20% Rabatt                                                            € 10,00

                                             € 28,00


Mit dem Kauf erkennt der Käufer an, dass das neue Eu-Gewährleistungsrecht für diese Artikel nicht angewendet wird. Versand erfolgt nach Zahlungs-eingang.  Alle Sendungen werden gut gepolstert, um Schäden beim Versand zu vermeiden. Bei mehreren Artikeln wird selbstverständlich, sofern möglich, alles in einer Sendung zusammengelegt. Es fallen dann auch nur einmal Portokosten an...  Die Portokosten zahlt der Käufer.  

Käufer aus dem Ausland können auf Wunsch mit Paypal zahlen...        Buyers from abroad can pay with Paypal on request...     

Sie können mich unter folgender E-Mail kontaktieren:   mustangmodellbau@arcor.de

With the purchase the buyer recognizes on that the new European Union warranty law for these kits is not used. Dispatch takes place after receipt of payment. All supplies are well padded, in order to avoid damage with the dispatch. With several buys becomes naturally, if possible, everything in a supply packed together. Then also only once postage… The buyer pays the postage.

 You can contact me at the following e-mail:   mustangmodellbau@arcor.de



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International buyers welcome... I`m shipping worldwide... Payment: EU or US-$... (IBAN & SWIFT/BIG numbers are available)  Buyers from abroad can pay with Paypal on request. Please ask for shipping and handling to your country... Delivery against cash in advance... Collection is possible on consultation... This are private sales without any warranty...